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During the summer season the air smells of local flavors. Festivals, tastings of typical products and exhibitions accompany the evenings giving joy.
In Orosei, the most important holidays are:

The feast in honor of Saint Anthony takes place on the evening of January 16th. Famous for the huge bonfire made with wood brought by citizens since Epiphany. On the evening of the festival you can taste traditional sweets su pistiddu, nieddu bread and Cannonau wine flows in rivers in a warm festive atmosphere.

Holy Week
Holy Week rites are characterized by various processions. On Easter Sunday, the ancient ritual called S’Incontru is celebrated, in which the statues of Jesus and the Madonna, carried on the shoulders by the faithful, meet along the streets of the village festively decorated.

Santa Maria del Mare
The feast in honor of Santa Maria del Mare is celebrated on the last Sunday of May. In the morning, in Piazza del Popolo, the fishermen’s boats are decorated with flowers. In the afternoon the boats are transported to the Cedrino river, where the procession begins to reach the church of Santa Maria, located on a ridge not far from the sea and the mouth of the river.

Patronal Feast of San Giacomo
The patronal feast in honor of San Giacomo lasts a week during which various folkloristic and musical events take place which end on July 25th.

Feast of the Madonna del Rimedio
The feast of the Madonna del Rimedio, from the second Sunday of September, is characterized by 2 periods of 9 days, the novenas. It takes place inside the beautiful Sanctuary where liturgical rituals are practiced but also traditional folk songs and dances of the country.

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